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The Doctor (Eleventh)
Source: Doctor Who (2005 series)
Played By: Matt Smith
Played In: Boomtown, Genessia
In Brief: The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey--the only one left, in his time--and a habitual time-traveler with a knack for finding trouble and a dedication to trying to help wherever he goes, saving people, cities, planets, and/or the Universe as the situation calls for.

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Alric Caelegart
Source: Original
Played By: Matthew Tuck
Played In: Medietas
In Brief: Alric is heir apparent to the throne of the monarchy of Kaitheny, a gifted swordsman, and a Knight-Errant of the Order of the Dragon, vowed to uphold ideals of nobility and justice. Underneath his outward discipline, however, burns a fierce, passionate heart.
Character Summary: here


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Hiroe Matsudaira/Kuukoku Jinja no Zenko
Source: Original
Voiced By: ???
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: A five-tailed fox-spirit who possessed an unborn child of the Matsudaira family in order to learn about the human world after the shrine she had called home for nearly 500 years was shut down. As a good fox (zenko) she's a trickster and prioritizes having a good time whenever possible, but in service to Inari.
Character Summary: here

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Aztshuktha (Azto-Tshukshtha, son of Gaktok-Garakush)
Source: Original (Pathfinder game)
Voiced By: ???
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: A philosophical half-orc war hero, specializing in tactics, anti-magic, and bottomless stubbornness. Also often gruff, and known for playing up his Big Dumb Orc image for a tactical advantage, Aztshuktha has a keen sense of justice, and upholds it by expertly combining brutal ferocity, sheer toughness, delicacy, and cunning.
Character Summary: here

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Dread Pirate Captain Takeo Masaki
Source: Tenchi Muyo, (2nd gen. Canon OC)
Voiced By: Koyasu Takehito
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: Most wanted pirate in the galaxy, Takeo's fame as a dangerous, irrepressible outlaw is rivaled only by his reputation for pursuing beautiful women and engaging recklessly in contests of will.
Character Summary: here

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Thelema Nikolaiyevna Yevtushenkova
Source: Devil May Cry (Canon OC)
Voiced By: Orikasa Ai (jap.)/Nadia Ruchka (rus.)
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: A succubus adopted as toddler by a retired Devil-hunter, Thelema was raised to integrate with, respect, and befriend humanity. Of course, being as she isn't human herself, she sometimes has difficulty with some notions like friends without benefits and this "personal space" thing.
Character Summary: here

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Semper (a.k.a. David Smith)
Source: Original
Played By: Stephen Lobo
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: Although his memories before the French Revolution are hazy, Semper--a name he took in AD 79--strongly suspects he inspired the Utnapishtim of the Epic of Gilgamesh, as well as stories of the Egyptian god Osiris. The only things he's absolutely sure of are that he can't die, and that it gets to be a real drag.
Character Summary: here

[personal profile] misanthropicmedicine
Felix Irving Sunderland
Source: Original
Played By: Vincent Cassel
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: A gifted telepath, telekinetic, and healer, Felix would be a great fellow to have around--except that after decades of being bombarded by trivial surface thoughts at all hours, he's become something of an ill-tempered, sarcastic curmudgeon.
Character Summary: here

[personal profile] lasthungrywolf
Tetsuo Usuda
Source: AKIRA (Canon OC)
Voiced By: ???
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: After his foster mother died, Tetsuo dropped out of school and joined the Hungry Wolves biker gang, and made them his new family; but once the gang start falling apart, it was just Tetsuo left living on the street.
Character Summary: here

[personal profile] killingangel
Alita (or Gally or Gary)
Source: Battle Angel/Gunnm
Voiced By: ???
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: An amnesiac cyborg warrior trained in the lost Martian cyborg combat technique Panzer Kunst, raised in the Scrapyard and conscripted to serve the elitist sky-city Tiphares.

[personal profile] lordofterror
Laharl Krichevskoy
Source: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Voiced By: Kaori Mizuhashi
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: Son of Overlord King Krichevskoy, Laharl took a two-year nap after a failed assassination attempt, and woke to found his father dead and the Netherworld in chaos due to the power vacuum. So of course he smashed his way to rulership, crushing all opposition from demons, humans, and angels alike, masterfully avoiding learning any lessons about friendship or sensitivity along the way. As one does.

[personal profile] kemononoyari
Ushio Aotsuki
Source: Ushio to Tora (Ushio and Tora)
Voiced By: Tasuku Hatanaka
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: Ushio is the inheritor of the legendary Beast Spear (Kemono no Yari) that uses the soul of its human wielder to destroy demons, monsters, and so on; he's also an otherwise ordinary high school student who had no idea what he was getting in to, but once he starts doing something, he doesn't know how to quit.

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Spawn (a.k.a. Al Simmons)
Source: Spawn
Voiced By: Keith David
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: A Black Ops agent prior to his own assassination during a mission, Al Simmons agreed to become a Hellspawn, as the only way to return to Earth and see his wife once again. But with five years passed, trapped in a mockery of his charred corpse and shrouded in the uniform of an officer of a Hellish army that has little patience with deserters, things haven't gone quite the way he'd hoped.

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Jacqueline "Jackal" Egret
Source: Zone of the Enders (Canon OC)
Voiced By: Sayaka Ohara (jap.)/Patricia Drake (eng.)
Played In: Nowhere
In Brief: Major Egret (she doesn't particularly like "Jacqueline") is a highly-decorated combat pilot, antipiracy, and antiterrorist operative in the Martian Space Force, Special Operations Division. What she lacks in what most people would call social graces, she makes up for with grit, dedication, and professionalism.
Character Summary: here


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